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 Techno - Econimic Viability Study

 Stock & Receivable Audit

 Safety Audit

 Integrated Risk Management Study



While assets of an organization are carried in the Books of Accounts at their WDV, the actual value of the Assets is subject to variations from the WDV on account of maintenance frequency, technological up gradation & obsolescence, revamping, market demand & supply, etc.

Our portfolio of referrals for Valuation of Assets includes a wide range of units from various industries like:

► Fertilisers   ► Oil Mills ► Power Generation
► Engineering ► Chemicals ► Textile
► Pharmaceuticals ► Power Distributions ► Others

Our valuation of assets derives the following set of values

Replacement Value
The cost of replacing the assets at the new current market prices.

Technical Value
The value arrived at after accounting for depreciation based on the life span available, condition of the assets, technology and maintenance of the asset.

Fair Market Value
The price that the asset, in its present condition, would fetch in the present market conditions.

Forced Sale Value
The price that can be fetched if the asset is sold in a distress sale scenario.

The kind of jobs we have carried out can be summed up as below

=>  Valuation of all assets i.e. Land, Building, Plant & Machinery of Mega
      Corporates for Insurance portfolio.

=>  Valuation of all assets of units for Bank mortgage purpose.

=>  Valuation of all assets for arriving at forced sale value for properties attached  
      by Banks / FIs.

=>  Valuation of Residential properties for Housing Finance by Banks / FIs.

=>  Valuation of Vehicles like Passenger Cars, Trucks & Liquid Transport

Bankers use our Valuations for

=>  Determining the value of the Primary security offered to them.
=>  Determining the value of the Collateral security offered to them.
=>  Arriving at floor prices for sale of seized assets.
=>  Making provisions in books for NPA accounts

A list of Valuations that we have carried out on behalf of our esteemed clients is given at the end of this profile


Techno – Economic Viability Study

Our unique combination of Technical and Financial professionals, gives us the distinction of being on the referral list of Banks for analysis of projects involving existing / fresh Short Term and Long Term Advances to Customers.

We carry out the project study from two angles viz.

•  Technical Inputs from our technical professionals regarding the capacity, plant, process of manufacture, yield, technology, etc.

•  Financial parameters are studied based on the above inputs in conjunction with other factors like market demand, cost of production, levels of current assets, direct and indirect taxes, etc.

Referrals have been made to us by Banks for the study of units from the Chemical, Cement, Poultry, Pharmaceutical, Food-processing, Engineering and other industries. The investment values in these units ranged from Rs. 25 lakhs to 500 lakhs.

The units studied include fresh advances as well as nursing packages for sick units.


Stock & Receivables Audit

Due to our dual competence in financial and technical fields, we present to the Banker better and detailed insights as regards the following aspects :

=> Quality of WIP and Finished Goods
=> Costing of WIP and Finished Goods
=> Accounting of Stocks & Ageing
=> Receivables Accounting and Ageing

We have carried out Stock Audits for various Corporates from a wide range of industries. These units had current asset levels between Rs 50 lakhs to Rs. 50 Crores.

Safety Audit

  • Review of operating procedures and practices.
  • Verify compliance with established standards.
  • Identification of unsafe conditions within / outside the plant and suggesting remedies to eliminate or reduce risks.
  • Review of safety systems provided.
  • Review adequacy of permit system and safety inspection.
  • Review of procedures for handling emergency situations.
  • Hazard & it's risk analysis
  • Dispersion Modeling
  • On-site & Off-site Emergency Drill - Program
  • Observations and comments on adequacy of Disaster Management System.


Integrated Risk Management Study

IRMS ensures that the Management of Risks is fully integrated into an organisation. It encompasses bringing the existing Risk Management activities like Internal Audit, Financial Control, Fire Survey, Health Insurance and Safety Audit under a single umbrella.   

Integrated Risk Management is concerned with all of the risks facing an organisation and all of the people concerned with the management of risk. The scope of these risks will, in many cases, be much broader than insurable risks. Being experienced in risk management practices, there is an opportunity for the Risk Manager to become involved in a much wider spectrum of risks.

Integrated Risk Management goes a step further than conventional Risk Management in the sense that in IRM, in addition to the Technical Risks, the risks which owe their origin to financial factors and external environment are also considered. This ultimately ensures that the firm is free from reactive approaches and pursues the objective of deriving the best outputs from its investment.

In a nutshell, IRM covers risks associated under the following headings

1) Reputation
2) Financial & Commercial
3) Infrastructure

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We are rendering the following types of Services under Integrated Risk Management

  • Assessment of External Market Environment and the opportunities presented by it.
  • Financial & Commercial Risk Assessment.
  • Development of business strategy and plans to control Risk.
  • Identification of Risk in terms of Fire, Explosion, Flood, Earthquake etc.
  • Identification of Risk for equipment which are generally prone to an accidental failure, breakage.
  • Review and Justification on Sum/Amount to be insured for properties/equipment for Fire and/or Engineering Insurance to have moderate and utmost advantage of the concern policy coverage.
  • Verifications of assets as per Asset Register and corrections to be made for description, addition and deletion wherever necessary and codify the block of machinery according to process.
  • To prepare inventory of major equipment and other property to assist and accommodate the Insurance Policy.
  • Risk Management of Industrial Plants/Assets which have been extended/to be extended as security against the finance. This Risk Management includes the checking and analysis of risk, hazards and suggestions for sufficient insurance coverage.
  • Technical Study for high frequency of Machinery Breakdown which is resulting in decrease of production and ultimately decrease in profitability. This study includes observations & analysis, suggestions of preventives and/or suggestions for better design, for lay out and for manufacturer of the machine or Plant.


  • Carried out Risk Management Study for a Multinational Company in regard to assessment of social disturbance in Savli industrial area.
  • Study of use of alternate fuel for turbine generating set of a power plant.


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